You Go Girl

You Go Girl.
You Got Power. You are Strong.
You are motivated.
Motivated to make a decision.
To be Clear about what you want
To become the person you want to be
Not being where you are to today
But to say. I Can Do This!
To become THE BEST you can be.
I Can Do THis!

You Go Girl!
Become a person of discipline
Become a person of focus
Be clear and specific in what you want
Your Dreams and Goals that
you have for your lives
Write them down
As soon as you get the inspiration
List all you wish for

Focus on the opportunities that
God puts in front of you
Go to your next level
Go for your dreams
Dream Big Dreams
Write them down and think about
them. The more you dream about it.
The more you speak about it. Will get
you to do the actions that go with it.

Ask for it. Ask for it in prayer
Expect the Lord will give you these
things. Think positively. And do the work.
Believe it. Expect it.
Be confident while you do the work
And you will come up higher.
To the Next Level!
Signature Saida de Vries

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